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Empowering community and Culture

Celebrating all Equatorian Ethnic groups in Australian

ECWA is a platform for all South Sudanese Equatorian Communities in New South Wales to unit, celebrate it's ethnicity, and keep its cultural heritage alive.

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The Equatoria Community and Welfare Association (ECWA) Inc. NSW was established in 2003. ECWA is a non-profit and non-religious community association representing and providing services to Equatorian and other Sudanese people living in NSW. ECWA has a management committee elected by a general assembly of all voting members. Membership is open to Equatorian Australians and others who show a commitment to the organisation’s objectives.

In 2008 and under the Sudanese Settlement Service, ECWA started to facilitate settlement support to Sudanese people of the Blacktown region. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) provided funding, and the Cabramatta Community Centre/Fairfield Migrant Resource Centre (CCC/FMRC) auspiced the Service. The original funding agreement was for two years and was then renewed until July 2011.

Besides the more direct settlement support, ECWA runs various programs and provides spaces which facilitate the congregation of Equatorian sub-communities. As a result Equatorian Australians are able to continue practicing one’s culture and to meet new people. These activities include specific programs, groups and projects which target women, and children and youth.

  • Empowering ethnicity and culture
  • Leadership and support for young people
  • Building strategy with purpose and vision
Our People

ECWA is umbrella body representing 36 sub ethnic communities and groups from Equatoria region of South Sudan and privileged to have a diverse, multicultural volunteers and staffs that represents the diversity of the cultures, languages we support.

Our volunteers, staffs advisory committee and leadership team speaks many different languages – from; Acholi, Azande, Avukaya, Bari, Baka, Balanda-Boor, Buya, Didinga, Dongotono, Hariot, Ifoto, Jur (Beli-M|odo|), Kakwa, Kaliko, Kuku, Lango, Lokoya, Lopit, Lugbwara, Lulubo, Lukuru, Madi, Makaraka, Moro-(Moru), Moro-Kodo, Mundu, Imatong, Jiye, Mundari, Nyangbwara, Otuho, Pari, Pojulu, Tid, Tenet,Toposa .

Many of our staff are former migrants and humanitarian entrants who understand the complex issues facing new arrivals and transition of settlement and community engagement capacity building.

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