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Drug & Alcohol Project

Educational program for all community members

Reducing harm associated with the use of alcohol and other drugs with South Sudanese and linguistically diverse African Communities.

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Mens Health Project

Consistent with the spirit of memorandum of understanding with DAMEC, the Equatoria Community and Welfare Association (ECWA) incorporated seeks to use this project to address some critical issues such as drug and alcohol affecting some members of the community particularly youth, to raise awareness about health issues that can be detrimental to men’s health, the impact of traditions on some members of community to seek health support, the important of health eating, Health Rights, and Health and drug and alcohol services in NSW.


The Men’s Health project will help ECWA working in collaboration with DAMEC to engage members of our community how to address issues of drug and alcohol, health issues that people are un aware of or not willing to address because of traditions. This program will include youth both 18 years and adults.