Equatoria Day 2020 | Equatoria Community & Welfare Association


January 2020

Saturday 25th January 2020, ECWA launched Equatoria Day and celebrate back to school and recognition of children, young people, and their families their educational and employment dreams. Back to School has been organized by ECWA since 2017 in January. The aim was for children and young people and their families to have the ceremonial awards to celebrate their past educational achievements and progress by awarding them with certificates. And appreciate through thanking them with the presentation of music, a showcase of traditional consumes, music, dancing, and food.


Equatoria Day brings the South Sudanese community from Equatoria region together to share their community cultural dance & food, children, young people and families joys and experiences with the rest of the wider Western Sydney Multicultural community. The events targets families to be resilient in the life of their children, teenage children and grow-ups in accepting and involving them to participate in the positive people of the community integrating into the wide Australian society.


The recognition motivates and encourages families to share their happiness and pain with the community before the children go back to school every year in February. Such an initiative prevents and avoids young people to fall in the hand’s law enforcement due to crime or hanging up with wrong groups.


Promote young African talent opportunities to celebrate and appreciate achievements, contribution and integrate the diverse community and bringing the community together.; create harmony among the South Sudanese youth including youth from and African communities in Western Sydney and in NSW as a whole. 


Therefore, ECWA continually seeks researchers to partner with our communities to learn about the needs and challenges of our community, children, young people, and families and share this information with the greater service sector to improve the life of the community. 

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