Youth Programs

Youth Programs

Our youth program enables community engagement, leadership and community development

The program bring diverse South Sudanese and other young people from various multicultural communities. It inspires young people to be champions for community through sports, arts and music and public speaking.

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  1. Healthy Community home visiting

Healthy Community home visiting program is where the volunteers and some members of the community visit families and individuals struggling with the demands and stress of life.For those interested in the program, ECWA will make an initial home visit and discuss the family’s interest in receiving services. ECWA will liaise with its partner organization and other agencies to support the family or individual. The agency will work with the family/individual to address the concerns. The program is voluntary and free of charge thanks to many generous community partners.


  1. Host Home Program

ECWA has developed a Host Home Program that will provide safe, supportive transitional housing and support options for the homeless youth living in our community. It will address their needs by connecting them with caring adults or families who are willing to provide safe housing and support. It provides the community an opportunity to take care of each other.

The youth are matched with volunteer hosts who share their home. The matching process is youth-driven and the adults receive no compensation. The host home gives youth the time, space and support to address immediate needs and work towards their personal goals. The program aims to prepare youth to leave the program and be ready for a stable, independent living situation and to fully participate in the community. The host homes and youth will be supported by a social worker.


  1. Youth Mentoring

All young people face changes and challenges. Having a mentor is a valuable way of making a connection with the community, or simply a way to learn more about them.ECWA will work with members of the community to encourage them to be mentors to the youth. ECWA will also liaise with other agencies to offer mentoring opportunities to the youth. Mentoring:-

  • Help the youth to understand and reach their potential
  • Provide a caring and supportive environment to the youth.

Being in a mentorship is not the same as visiting a counsellor. It’s also not the same as having a coach. Mentoring can be as simple as just hanging out, or it could be about establishing your own goals – big or small – and helping you to achieve them.